New & Used Building Materials & Steel

Burnett Salvage has what you need for Construction, Home Improvement and Repair Work.


Burnett Salvage Yard offers you:

  • Low prices
  • Variety of Products
  • Quality
  • A staff that will quickly find what you want and load it into your car or truck
  • The advantage of cutting steel to order, a service not often found

Burnett Salvage Yard probably has what you need at less cost than you will pay anywhere else.


Salvage buying tips:

  • Be ready to browse
  • Bring straps or rope to tie down loads
  • Know the measurements for steel, doors, and windows
  • If looking for a commode tank lid, record the number and make off the old one, if no numbers are available bring along the broken tank lid – or trace an outline of the old lid


We Buy Sale and Trade!

Burnett Salvage Yard helps to save the environment by buying salvageable  building materials  from the public.

We recycle used and salvaged materials by selling them to customers who put them back into use. If not for our salvage yard, these items would go to a landfill, which is a terrible waste.

Burnett Salvage Yard makes it possible for  used items such as, doors, windows, brick, sinks, cabinets, steel and more to be put to good use instead of being sent to a landfill.

It’s fun watching people buy something that still looks great, works well and gives new life to something that doesn’t need or deserve to be thrown away.





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